Claudia Draghia, Mihaela Bordeianu, Stefan Pavaluta

Honorable Mention

Contest for designing new souvenirs for the Cotroceni National Museum.

The Cotroceni National Museum isn't the ordinary museum "typology". It's a functioning building for the Presidential Administration. That means that here the official guests are met and the place from where the President holds his press conferences.
Some parts of the museum are closed for visiting. The building is also an architectonic objective to visit, build in neo-romanian style. The outside and inside decorations are unique and each interior room, opened for visiting, is designed with a specific theme. Usually, the objects that "decorate" the room are the exhibits.

As a souvenir, we designed a sticker booklet named CUT/PASTE. The intention was to recreate the rooms visited, but also the exhibits. The user can do this as in reality, but also can add some extra stickers with other objects just to personalize the room.

cut-paste-photo-1 cut-paste-photo-2 cut-paste-photo-3 cut-paste-photo-4 cut-paste-photo-5 cut-paste-photo-6 cut-paste-photo-7