RMSH - Design by upcycling

Ioana Trusca, Mihai Barbu, Stefan Pavaluta, Justin Baroncea

Workshops Without Borders is a non-governmental organization working in the field of recycling, producing design objects from waste for the purpose of social, professional and civic insertion of people in great difficulty. Their activity is organized in two directions: 1. Recovery and recycling of banners and advertising meshes - REMESH. 2. dismantling computers, printers, copiers, etc. At the beginning of 2016, I was co-opted to take care of the design project to expand their production space. After the first visit, we decided to work as much as possible with the materials and components we could find in situ, the computer components and printers being included in the design project.

The place

Shelves, shelves, breaks, shelves.
Printers, printers, printers, banners, mesh.
Computers, stacks of computers.
Cases. Cases. Black boxes. Ha! We need that. We do not know why. Put it aside.
Bags made of plastic, metal, mixed.
Paradise / Paradise. Gray, gray, gray, green, yellow. And on the one hand, and we need it. What's colorful is precious, it's useable. Accents!
We are among the shelves filled with objects spinning in a hall with a temperature similar to the outside. February -5 degrees Celsius.

In March, we came back and started a design project for the new production site. In parallel, we are working at the workshop + reception + store: REMESH + UPCYCLE.
Everything has been designed and arranged with recycled or reclaimed materials: chairs, cupboards, tables.

Component lamps for printers, faxes and computer cases.

"Countertop Sources" - a reception desk built of recovered cabinets, painted MDF doors and door leaves.

rmsh-design-by-upcycling-photo-1 rmsh-design-by-upcycling-photo-2 rmsh-design-by-upcycling-photo-3 rmsh-design-by-upcycling-photo-4 rmsh-design-by-upcycling-photo-5 rmsh-design-by-upcycling-photo-6 rmsh-design-by-upcycling-photo-7 rmsh-design-by-upcycling-photo-8 rmsh-design-by-upcycling-photo-9 rmsh-design-by-upcycling-photo-10 rmsh-design-by-upcycling-photo-11