Radu Enescu, Justin Baroncea, Stefan Pavaluta

PHOTO: Radu Malasincu
ADRESS: Mihai Eminescu 57, Bucuresti
AREA: 409 sqm

In a secluded house in a garden Eminescu street we had arranged a local; typical programme with music, beer, good food a spicy mix of club and restaurant with "cool" activities.
The house built in the early 20th century (the last millennium) has become over time a collection of furnishings, finishes, interventions more or less reversible which besides other stories made up some time ,or some times. The house was on another dwelling place for military bureaucracy, headquarters for a manufacturer of agricultural seeds and now would become "club-restaurant".
The project was structured around the decision to Bricolate, to take advantage of all objects and materials that piled onto the site. The first phase of the design was to "scavage" in garages, annexes, basement, attic and main body naturally in all rooms.

The mix of objects found in the house and outer buildings, which were gathered over four decades gave a hardly reproducible charachter, from a "scenographic" standpoint. We're talking about the kind of authenticity that is expressly accumulations and juxtapositions and not to be canceled when it comes to the physical gestures. DIY was the answer that we've found to face a longer adjustment exercise than in front of a eloquent creative gesture. We focused on every single detail and left the house that contains it's collection, to "put together" the story of each "work" separate.

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