Stefan Pavaluta, Mihai Barbu, Radu Enescu, Justin Baroncea

PHOTO: Radu Malasincu
SURFACE: 50 sqm (usable area)

The object of the project is an apartment with two rooms, small, somewhere in a building from Obor area,Masina de Paine street (in translation- Bread Machine street).
Small budget allocated to the project - 13,000 euro - determined the strategy of planning and optimization for the apartment.
Without interfering in the partition - from reasons related to the structural system of the building - the resources were concentrated in furnishing efficiently in all areas that integrates the space. Fixed furniture, simple, converts the finishing material to a design mechanism, defining the space and determining the expressiveness apartment.
Starting from the hallway and ending with furnishing the balcony, closets and storage spaces are becoming integrated to the space and become a finishing element. In each room at least 2 walls - in the living room and bedroom there are three walls - are "fine tuned" with furniture.
There are no new finishes introduced in the apartment except for the bathroom. The rest of the apartment is recovered, repaired or restored original finishes. The mosaic poured in the hallway and kitchen was sanded, filled and polished, keeping the unity of the floor space and restoring the typical character of a 70's finishing system used in the regular block of flats . The wood floor is itself filled, repaired and re-varnished . Keeping the floor determined a support layer for the remainder of the intervention. All the furniture that redefines space floor apartment sits on this original support layer.
The only color accents - blue doors which close the hallway storage spaces and the yellow glass in the kitchen.
Luminaires are made from recycled coffee cans, painted in white and parts (rings) of copper recovered from an old lamp. The cables are "hidden" in copper tube or in a blue gas hose.
A variant of the table "F4" made from two wood tops and aluminum presses is located in the living room.
The result: a small apartment in which the original stepping layer is refurbished and kept.The furniture that integrates the storage, closet, pantry and dressing, equipment for heating, air conditioning, and appliances sits on top of this surface. Circular ventilation grilles are a mark to what lies behind closed doors.

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