Stefan Pavaluta, Mihai Barbu, Ada Craciunescu, Justin Baroncea

PHOTO: Radu Malasincu

An apartment in an interwar building. A collection of garbage. A collection of samples. Debris. To Patience. Matching bits. Mosaics. Stereotomy composed of recomposed stereotomy.
Table legs to the ceiling, copper pipes collected in the last three years. Some of them found in the apartment. Photo objectives.
A wardrobe that starts near the entrance and reaches the radiator in the living room includes doors of the bathroom and kitchen. Doors sampler of PAL, and PAL exhibition of tables together in time. Handles made of copper pipes recycled from other projects.
A few doors plywood used in the exhibition "Recovery" (design expo Constantin Goagea).
A "sofa" in white, a bench, a table and a desk, a bed and a wardrobe made of the exhibition "Old houses, Design and something more" by Zeppelin mounted at BCU (Central University Library).
Bizazza and Corian bathroom and kitchen (about 50 cm square distributed with "prudence" between the two "rooms").
Kitchen furniture recycled and integrated into new furniture.
Kitchen door moved to the living room closet.
The bathroom door, the door to the living room and glasswand reconfigures the boundary between bedroom and living together.
Now it's finally bedroom smaller than the living room.
Otherwise all white, including blinds wars.
And two mirrors.

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