Stefan Pavaluta, Mihai Barbu, Radu Enescu, Justin Baroncea

PHOTO: Radu Malasincu

Niches and crannies
On the fourth floor of a new building on Avrig street, we had to "solve" the irregular geometry of a 48 sqm usable apartment area. In every corner both vertically and horizontally there were niches and deviations from the right angle, equipment housings and couplings no longer fitting in the service spaces.
The answer was to use the furniture as an instrument in order to obtain rectangular rooms usable without wasting the already limited space.
Pipes and niches disappeared in cupboards, under countertops or were used as a bedside table. The furniture has depth and variable interior space takes initial imperfections. Niches and nooks were converted into opportunities, helping storage facilities, amplifying the possibilities of sharing and modular wardrobe, kitchen furniture in the library or at the bed heaboard.
Multifunctional furniture appeared, which included the role of compartmentalization, "transparency" of space; the vestibule was created using a traffic / library.
Nothing spactaculos, all as may be helpful and rigorously controlled - rooms with simple geometry (simplified) without losing unpourpousfully the apartment with plywood surface that "aestheticized", "mask" or "embellish" useless home.

The result:
A aparatment "quiet" and held within all the accents and the "noise" aesthetic focuses ceiling lamps.
Ceiling "playful" - space "serious".

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