Stefan Pavaluta, Mihai Barbu, Radu Enescu, Justin Baroncea


VI_IT LAMPS: Stefan Pavaluta, Mihai Barbu, Ioana Trusca, Radu Enescu, Justin Baroncea
PHOTO: Radu Malasincu

Shoes, mugs and spices.
Right from the entrance you can spot that through the doorless living the light reflects of the white hallway panels and off them onto the mirror next to the bedroom door.
The white chipboard panels enclose the hallway on the entrance side, and integrate, besides the acces door, the washer and the pantry doors. On the opposite side a whole piece of furniture includes a bench, shoe space, vaccum cleaner box, broom and detergents and towards the backside - dishes, glasses and spices. In the kitchen, the furniture "lifts" up and makes space for the folding walnut table.
The storage space door that hides the cleaning supplies is actually the kitchen door. A walnut countertop integrates the appliances, except the fridge.
In the living room, besides the sofa, the only important piece is the bench; made out of hardwood floor, it incorporates the sound system. The bookcase is spread along the alcove walls, the result of enclosing the balcony.

Instead of a deduction: with a hardwood floor bench and a wall-length furniture piece, you can make the doors dissapear.

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