Stefan Pavaluta

YEAR: 2017
PHOTO: Radu Malasincu

Two adjoining apartments, of 2 rooms, in a block of communist times, at the intersection between Calea Mosilor and Zece Mese street, Bucharest. The two apartments become single, joined by a central space, with the curved facade wall.
The first important aspect in the design process was the definition of a route that the tenant or guest can walk into this house. Subsequently, influencing his zoning. The main space (living and dining) is established as a nucleus that joins two parts. Access is through the apartment from Ten Tables. Having two fixed points - access and living - zoning is self-defining:
1) Entrance to the apartment (fast zone) with access hall, kitchen;
2) Connected entrance guest area (bedroom, bathroom dressing);
3) Central core (living + dining room and balcony access);
4) Night area (dressing room, child's room, bathroom and sleeping matrim).

Beyond the theorizing of the spaces, the intention moves on a tectonic level, namely in the treatment of boundaries between spaces / areas - removing the "door" as a connecting element and proposing an easier boundary. I think the distinct element in this apartment is the curved wall, which I personally have not met in flats that are part of this typology. I wanted the perception of this detail not to be limited, and the bend to have a wider depth throughout the house. Connections between the living room and the night / day spaces are made through a functional piece with different roles: access, storage and transparency. Also, this zoning can feel strongly entering the day and night spaces. In the night space, a single furniture - the dressing - connects with the child's room and the master bedroom. In the living room, the kitchen furniture connects to the guest bedroom. In choosing the materials I have imposed a certain limit, I did not want more than 4: solid wood, natural stone, glass and "color". The furniture in the living room - the tables and the TV comode are designed and made for this space. The extra element I wanted from the beginning of the project was the curtain in the living room. It is an element that amplifies the curvature of space and at the same time creates a filter between the generous living room and the square gutter facade.

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