Stefan Pavaluta, Mihai Barbu, Ioana Trusca, Justin Baroncea

PHOTO: Radu Malasincu
DRAWING: Ioana Trusca

Take two VI_IT projectors and lend them to be drawn. Preferably to Trusca.
The drawings are set by different themes and spread on the cardboard tube, by the authors' choice.
VI_IT light projector structure (as shown below):
- 55mm interior diameter cardboard tube
- 55mm diameter PVC tube
- camera lens lid
- threaded rod
- electric cable
- LED light
- camera lens

After the comic book paint dryes up, connect it to the power supply

vi-it-avp-photo-1 vi-it-avp-photo-2 vi-it-avp-photo-3 vi-it-avp-photo-4 vi-it-avp-photo-5