Stefan Pavaluta

Joints. The structure of the object is directly related to it's owner. A wicker spine well supported by a strong base, finished in detail - connected by "details" (clamps, rods and cables). The light is visible and highlights the assembly. The components are arranged in a "natural" order : base, column, bulb (the last item and uppermost). Connection elements seen in the background, follow the same color pallette - black. Clamps of different sizes together with iron rods ensure the stability of the object. Warm light highlights, by reflection, the materiality of each element.

mk-24-photo-1 mk-24-photo-2 mk-24-photo-3 mk-24-photo-4 mk-24-photo-5 mk-24-photo-6 mk-24-photo-7 mk-24-photo-8 mk-24-photo-9