Radu Enescu, Justin Baroncea, Stefan Pavaluta

PHOTO: Radu Malasincu

LKL light objects.

The project was structured around the decision to recruit, to take advantage of all objects and materials that piled onto the site. The first phase of the design was "scavage" in garages, annexes, basement, attic and naturally, in all rooms.

In the rooms at the entrance, on the left and right, two "satellites": a boiler and a bucket. Each object is offset with parts of the brake system "sampled" from a motorcycle wheel (found in the garage in the back yard) and a blocked disc pick-up mounted on the threaded rod (shutters are adjustable to control the amount of light in rooms).
In the following rooms "satellites" are two lamps found in deposits that have "fumbled" in recent years and a lamp broken from IKEA that we mounted on, what we have left of the brake system (used satellites of rooms entrance) plus an applicable part of a broken left on a wall. They are public lighting lamps, rotten, decomposed, which we repaired and reconditioned part (some components were integrated with other lamps). In one of the music hall owners built their own "satellite" of a helmet hairdresser.
In front of the bar hooked three gas lamps, two old brass ones (german) and a new red sheet. Under the gas cylinders are fitted black vinyl discs. The entire system is suspended copper bar steel wire rope hanging from the ceiling with a system of three "satellites" that revolve around the center of the room, in front of the bar entirely made of metal cabinets.

gal-sat-photo-1 gal-sat-photo-2 gal-sat-photo-3 gal-sat-photo-4