Stefan Batros, Stefan Pavaluta, Mihai Barbu, Justin Baroncea

PHOTO: Radu Malașincu


 A cardboard box full of tools. Carpentry tools. Planes, drills, compass iron hook, wooden meter
joinery, wooden compass, a vice, a mass of carpentry and other tools, other compass, another

 TOPIC: a "decorative" panel, two lamps and a chest.

 RESULT: a hobbledehoy, a scooter, an airplane, a helicopter, a TV, a comfortable, yet
comfortable and a "decorative" panel (remaining parts).

 An Ap.artament with a ceiling-Ap.Rindele planes.

 Editing cables, wires, copper pipes, wooden wheels and a jar laboratory. Screws with a
compass and brass strip. Brass feet. Shelf of a window and red cloths from Obor.
 Lamps. 8 bulbs. A mass carpenter bulb over drawer and under the TV. Brass lamp in connection with gas hose cable.

 2 meters in zigzag + cutter + Compass + Compass + Cu + jar-helicopter jointer planer high + low + Cu + Compass + Compass + Brass + wires + motor-fan ticket
planer drill high + + + compass + gas lamp cant hook - scooter


 jointer planer + + Cu + discs methacrylate - UFO

 And after?

 Ignite them!

ap-rindele-photo-1 ap-rindele-photo-2 ap-rindele-photo-3 ap-rindele-photo-4 ap-rindele-photo-5 ap-rindele-photo-6