Radu Enescu, Justin Baroncea, Stefan Pavaluta

PHOTO: Radu Malasincu
ADRESS: Mihai Eminescu 57, Bucuresti
AREA: 1214 sqm

In the middle of the "Court" focused on entry into the house is a circle defined by irises.In the center there have been planted pink roses which in time have grown at 1.20 m. Facing the entrance, still in the same "green circle" is a tall fir tree. But the first thing that attracted the attention has been the contrast: a red wax cherry that covered half of the front of the house. I told the "beneficiaries" that there, under the wax cherry, we are interested to design. The terrace of the house and the "green" patch had to focus the resources of the garden project.
The first decision relating to the arrangement was not to consider the irreversible, in the area of the pathways nor in the planted spaces. I decided to eliminate the fences but to retain the posts which will become at a given moment support for lighting objects. Because the earth washed by rain came onto the alley i bounded the green "patch" with bricks recovered from the removal of a partition.
The most interesting discovery during the operations of cleaning the garden was made in the area next to the Annex. What appeared to be a simple residue green on which they grew up spontaneously a few shrubs and a shirt was actually a former car repair platform, not blocked completely with tearth: it was clear that at a given moment the auto-service (now hidden in the bottom of the court) had a much larger portion of the garden. The deck plates have been cleaned completely to the concrete and I left the earth only in the rails, used to inspect the under-body. Practically, the cleaning operation generated the design . The deck concrete dictate the places in which could be set out the pieces of furniture. The area of blind walls has been cleaned of flying debris remaining in the following a sting operation of "insulation" ,and in place of the residues i put sand. The trees and shrubs protruded have remained at their place and on a vertical extension of the fence, on which probably had been hanging harness telephony, I mounted a projector. On one of the pillars of the remaining after the "disposal" fence we caught in the hinges a barrier built from three bridegroom topo data (barrier to prevent the cars that are going to be repaired behind the house to stand or "handle" on the new space arranged).
In the Annex , in the garage and in the cellar, all over the place were left at random or carefully crammed in corners, metal sterility. Four of them have come out in the garden, overturned in front of the Annex. Is the only "major force" at the level of the landscape, the only "object" that interacts with the "existent".
Two doors are welded to the 1.20 m against quota of the concrete alley, make up the bar. The other two doors laste into the hinges and opened at 90 degrees build the worktop; in one of them was cut the place for the sink. In extension of worktop has been placed yet a cupboard in which are arranged the glasses, jars for the lemonade and a part of the pints. In the opposite direction to 50 cm to the limit of the files, I emptied the other locker whom I have removed a door sip in which I have filled half full with earth; i turned into flower pot. Between the parts which make up the bar I mounted a metal structure on which I lay a metallic roof of canvas gray-neutral shadows which not only the counter but also retrobarul made up of three topographic measurement elements.
Auxiliary Tables (for the telephone, vases, etc.) have the dimensions of the typical "French" bistros. Together with the "Thonet" or "Danish design" imitation chairs have been arranged on the terrace of the house or on the pallets. among shrubs protruded with pink roses. The central part of the house was flooded at a time and after the flood the wooden beam on which the floor was fitted decayed. Half of the tabs of wood were recovered and mounted on pallets with the structure of the beechwood. The result: the furniture pieces are placed on the same floor on which they are for more than three decades ago. The wood floor in the garden emphasizes the idea of the secretary in the open air and accentuates the landscape "patch".
The wooden floor, seats, spindly little tables, hook, roses and red wax cherry sit now on a carpet of lawn sowing at the end of June (2014) and that has turned into a "Binder" for the parts which make up the landscape.

In the meantime they have gone a winter and a spring over the place "made" in 2014. A part of the furniture pieces and from the deck of the garden have been removed or replaced. LKL lost because of installed components with a year ago. They have remained the bar and "trail" old garden found during the new yard.

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