Magi*k - Suedia Creativa 3

Constantin Goagea, Paul Popescu, Stefan Pavaluta

PHOTO: Bogdan Dinca

curators: Ioana Calen, Constantin Goagea, Cosmina Goagea
texts: Ioana Calen, Constantin Goagea
design : Constantin Goagea, Ștefan Păvăluță, Paul Popescu
interactive installs: Modulab – Paul Popescu, Matei Popescu, Ana Carlan, Elena Carlan, Răzvan Petre, Răzvan Gorgan
graphic designs and projections: Radu Manelici, Ștefan Păvăluță, Constantin Goagea
Photo: Ioana Andra Staicu, Mihai Șom, Mircea Barac
drawing, illustrations: Eliza Cernătescu, Anca Florina Georgiu, Anca Dumitrache, Alexandru Barat,
research: Mădălina Bombărescu, Ana Maria Sabău, Ioana Alexandra Staicu, Constantin Goagea
communication/PR: Mugur Grosu, Andreea Ilinca

magi * k - 5 interactive installations, a docu-fiction about the history of Bucharest from radio to the internet

Mag * c "explores the peculiarities of media history in Romania from the point of view of connection technicians through five interactive installations by Modulab. They investigate the rituals from the beginning of our interaction with media technologies and how radio and TV content revolutionized the perception of the world in parallel with the illustrating physical phenomena, especially the electromagnetic spectrum, whose understanding and exploitation are the basis for the evolution of these technologies.

The exhibition is supported by an important multi-layered documentary component of the media phenomenon in Romania: starting from the antennas and cables forming a particular visual component of Bucharest and passing through the history of radio, television and Internet connectivity to the reverberations social and cultural phenomena at local level. "Mag * c" is a curatorial hybrid between documentary, interactive and science exhibition that combines diverse documenting and visualization practices to provide visitors with an immersive experience in the field with the most powerful influence on today's society.

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