Ada Craciunescu, Stefan Pavaluta, Mihai Barbu, Ioana Trusca, Justin Baroncea

PHOTO: Ioana Trusca

Rabbits in an alcove
*or how not to set-up an exhibition

Brick. Brick - all around. And among these bricks, objects with their own expressity and drama. A ceramic container in which memory has gathered. Memory between bricks.
A space with it's own rhythm vs. works with their internal drama. Instead of an exhibition we obtain a performance. A performance with a new drama, synthesized from external and internal rhythms, driven by memory.
3 years of exhibitions with a frequency that became the Aiurart trademark, summarized in 5 spaces and 2 weeks. Another rhythm that occurs in the project construction. Definetely, not and exhibition. More of a "haiku" about three dazzling years.
It would be pointless to try do an exhibition about a performance period of three years. It comes out as a film. A film with it's own rhythms that can be easily translated. It seems just an analogy, but it's more of an interface, a support with a logic closer to what we want to obtain, rather than an exhibition logic.
Aiurart film between bricks, with actors that don't just fill, occupy or decorate the space, but use it. We didn't try to set up an exhibiton, but rather to "mount" a performance with a filmic character.
We placed the actors in the frame, turned on the lights and action.

Missing link:
The sycamore tree is missing from the project. They didn't plant the tree we thought of as a landmark for memory. The one in the Bucharest garden grew as Aiurart grew. The memory of the gallery grows along the green filter. Now they want two. One near the barracks. A light filter for the window and a memory filter for the gallery. Green. And on the ground, in the red ceramic container, blue and grey. In the spaces in which people stand and not the objects of the "drama's" performance.
Rabbits in the alcove, and instead of an exhibiton, a summary: 3 years in 2 weeks, 9 works and the absence of a sycamore tree.

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