Ioana Trusca, Mihaela Butoi, Stefan Pavaluta, Mihai Barbu, Justin Baroncea

Modulab: Sorina Dumitru, Paul Popescu, Matei Popescu, Ioana Calen

We learned to produce much smarter terminals, build networks in which objects have their own ID (an IP of a LED is not any different, in the network, from that of a person). In the network borders disappear between people and the things they use. And yet the cleanest source of energy we have "the most of" today is coal.

An engine, rented from the "Technology Museum", in Bucharest will occupy the central spot of the pavilion. The invention that led to the industrial revolution continues today to support the technological revolution.
The impact is twofold: this engine, by putting the "Technology Museum" on the european museums' map (one of the least visited museums in Bucharest, despite the spectacular collection) and also,the gearing supports the Romanian Pavillions' mechanism both physically and symbolically. The steam engine will evacuate fumes resulting from the combustion process via a stack passing through central skylight.
"Smoke" will be filtered so as to meet European standards for CO2 emissions and it will become a signal (landmark) for the Romanian Pavilion. The ash from burning process will be stored in sealed glass jars, to be stored (as they will be filled) in the ICR Venice exhibition space. Jars of ashes, sealed and labeled with the date they were filled (Day1, Day2, etc) will be part of the installation that will build at ICR Venice. At the end of the Biennale, all the ashes will be recovered and mixed with acrylic gel; the mixture will be used to make works of art that will have as subject, the landscapes of the mining areas of Romania. This work method enables the Venice Pavillion to return to Bucharest as a derivative - working material for artists.

The gearing consists of boiler combustion and steam engine that have the Bucharest Technology Museum "signature"The whole gear will be visible from the pavillion entrance and will be the center of gravity of the entire system. We want to show visitors that there was no significant difference in the level of "energy intelligence" between a Case threshing and an iPad Air.

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