Stefan Pavaluta, Mihai Barbu, Radu Malasincu, Anca Toma



How to preserve the imagine of the city in the re-making of an historical landmark.
The contest demands were: a functional stair to the top, two panorama points - at the first level above the entrance and 360 at the top.
Our steps are clean and simple. Restoring the original finishes and strenghtening the structure. The new object becomes the spinal structure - the interior stairwell, which strenghtens the tower and provides the acces to the top. The course is not a linear one, but at each landing you have a different view to the city. Getting above, the new addition ephasisez the verticality of the tower, wood being the preferred construction material. The last stop becomes the open terrace.
Subtle interventions clearly define the sincerity of the tower - the first period, the medieval one is represented by it's material, stone. The second period - classical - is represented by the facade finish - white plaster. And the third period - contemporary- is represented by the technological advancement - providing a lighwtweight structure in big lenghts out of wood.

firemens-tower-photo-1 firemens-tower-photo-2 firemens-tower-photo-3 firemens-tower-photo-4